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In our General practice, we provide a comprehensive and continuing care to all our patients.


Dr.Kamenska General Practice

Family medicine deals with people and their problems in the context of their life circumstances and your GP is best placed to understand your state of health and to advise you on all health-related issues in both preventive and corrective health care.  

Me and my team are committed to the well-being of our patients, offering them individual approach, help and support. 

First, we build trusting relations through repeated consultations.  

Then, in deciding upon management plans jointly with our patients, we integrate physical, psychological and social factors while guided by the highest principles of medical ethics. 

We apply the most recent medical advancements as well as provide quality medical care. 


We offer:

>Diagnostic and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses
>Outpatient monitoring and management of chronic medical confitions (diabetes, CVD’s, diseases of the  respiratory system, etc.)&nbsp
>Regular health checkups for adults and children
>Preventive care and health education



What Our Patients Say About Us

Кристина Бортник: Уникален човек!

Martin de Groot: Goede huisarts, добър лекар, good doctor.

Милен Колев: Личен лекар за пример! Почти целия съзнателен живот съм при нея. Професионално и най-вече човешко отношение. Желая ви здраве и успехи, д-е Каменека! И поздравление за сайта ви и за новите възможности за запазване на час, които предлага!

Таня Атанасова : Прекрасен човек! Лекар по сърце душа и призвание! Благодаря на Бог, че ви има докторе!

Margaret moss: Dr kamenska has been fantastic I’m so happy we found her

Angela De Rosa: Dr. Kamenska has been my doctor in Burgas. She speaks perfect English, is attentive and supportive and most importantly very knowledgeable as a GP. I high recommend her to everyone

Claire Stephenson : The Dr is so kind and very good . We saw Dr today and nothing is too much trouble . Thank you

Калина Лукова: ИзключИзключителен професионалист, възпитан и добронамерен!

Elizabeth stewart: Excellent Dr shows empathy and understanding

Елена Райкова: Благодарим за професионалното отношение!

Scott & Louise: If you are not Bulgarian and searching for an English speaking doctor in Burgas, look no further, Dr Kamenska is simply the best - as any of her patients would tell you.

Софка Димчева: Не бих си сменила личната лекарка защото от 22 години не съм получила отказ за моите здравословни проблеми.каз

Мария Вълкова Канева-Донева: Изключително доволни сме цялото семейство от д-р Каменска! Невероятно отзивчив човек и чудесен диагностик и професионалист!

Ваня Янева : Желая Ви здраве и успехи д-р Каменска. Изключително съм благодарна от професионалното и човешко отношение към родителите ми ,чийто личен лекар е д-р Каменска.

debra boucher: a fantastic doctor who actually listens and has time for patients.

Anne Richards: Wonderful Doctor. Has helped me so much.

Кръстана Кискинова: Д-р Каменска е личен лекар на цялото ми семейство. Благодарни сме за грижите и вниманието, с което ни дарява.

Irena Gramova: Отличен лекар и невероятен човек!

Deborah Deste : Excellent doctor very caring, professional. I would highly recommend

марийка дойчева: много сьм доволна от обслужването

Carole Baez: Dr Kamenska is a brilliant Dr, she was able to diagnose a condition I had for 10 years that uk Drs said was nothing to worry about when in fact I had GERD which is something to worry about. I would highly recommend this great Dr.

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